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We provide a broad range of services in construction project management.

Contracts Management

We take the burden off you by handling all contract creation, negotiation, and management aspects. Ensure your contracts are watertight and protect your interests with our meticulous management. Streamline your workflow and save time with our efficient contract management system.

Claims Management

Get the compensation you deserve with our expert claims management services. We navigate the complexities of claims processing to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. Maximize your recovery with our dedicated team fighting for your claims.

Dispute Resolution

Resolve conflicts efficiently with our proven dispute-resolution strategies. Protect your rights and achieve a fair resolution with our experienced negotiators. Avoid costly litigation and find a swift solution with our effective dispute resolution services.


Osama manages/managed a portfolio of contracts in Tabuk region, Saudi Arabia, for some of the most ambitious and visionary projects in the world, such as NEOM and the Red Sea Project.


Osama was employed by various engineering and construction contractors and consultants for projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.